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Qatar Food & Hospitality Consumer’s Brand Awards (QFH Brand Awards)

Nominate your brand to boost your publicity and to be consumer’s favourite brand in the Region,

Companies nominated from either consumers or business owners are included in the survey.

Consumer's BRAND aims at helping a brand standout from the array of brands in the market.

Success is, of course, most attractive to consumers and suppliers, enhancing the business reputation of your organization.

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The achievement of the Consumer’s BRAND Award is the most powerful way to build your brand. The Award winners will be eligible to use the Consumer’s Brand awards logo on all printed and promotional materials for the next one year, which provides adequate evidence to all its customers and suppliers regarding the highest accolade acclaimed by the company or brand.

Why Nominate your Company:

  • Get the recognition your Business deserves

  • Bring awareness to your brand,

  • Enhance your corporate reputation and build trust with key stakeholders

  • Showcase your commitments and values

  • Benchmark your performance with winning brands in Middle East

  • Becoming a finalist or winner can increase staff morale and development.

  • Credibility amongst customers and the general community from being a finalist or winner of an award program

  • Your brand will be more prestigious!

  • Benefit from extensive media and industry coverage for your company .

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